RV Face Lift

I have turned my focus in the past month to traveling and living out my dream of being a professional gypsy. I thought I would share details about my recent project with you.

We have a 2004 Class C Winnebago Minnie motor home we bought four years ago, whom we fondly call…Minnie. Although I and my husband have become quite attached to her, her interior is so outdated, it has become almost painful for me to travel on long trips and to be able to stand to look at the inside of her. We had thought of upgrading RVs at some point during our future travels, but even the newest and best of Class C and A RV models are decorated in the ugliest of colors and fabric combinations. Surely, whomever is decorating these RVs hasn’t a bit of taste, color sense, nor do they keep current on decorating trends.

My problem with Minnie’s interior runs much deeper than the fact that she is outdated. She is GREEN. Don’t get me wrong– I like green as an accent color, but the interior fabric combinations of sage and olive drab resemble what I can only refer to as “lady camo.” I am surrounded by green everywhere– from the carpet to the captain’s seats to the cornices (hey, haven’t cornices been out of style since the 90s?) to the cushions. Traveling in Minnie, I truly feel like I’m in the middle of the big WWII.

It will be some time before we upgrade to a new RV. So I decided to remodel Minnie and give her a face lift. I also decided to document my remodeling adventures on this blog for anybody perusing the web for similar ideas.


This is Minnie from the outside. I believe she’s a 31C model. She has a separate toilet/shower, rear queen short bed and brand new tires. Here she is, all tuckered out from a recent trip we took from Saint Louis to Wisconsin.

This is the inside dining area and kitchen galley. Gotta love those ugly cornices and that oh -so-70s wall mirror hiding behind the slide out!

Here’s the cab and cab over area with those horrid olive green curtains.

For days I’ve been browsing the web, watching YouTube videos, and reading RV remodeling sites about the wisest and most economical way to remodel Minnie. It has been a very slow process and mostly my doing. (I think my hubby had resigned himself to living with the green.)

I decided not to tear out the sage green carpets or repaint the walls and cabinets. Instead, I would decorate around those fixtures. The carpet was a bit dirty, but was in overall pretty good shape. (In the above pics, I removed the cushions in the dinette and will reupholster them in a future blog entry.) I had replaced the polished brass cabinet pulls some time ago, but I would replace all the remaining brass fixtures with polished bronze.

Once my hubby helped me figure out how to remove the cornices/valances, I removed all of them from every window. I have no intention of recovering or replacing them. They are outdated eyesores and will be tossed out with the trash. Even with no window treatments, the entire living space immediately brightened itself up. And so did my spirits!

The border along walls will be steamed off at some point, although I decided not to paint over the vinyl paneling because it was in good shape and I didn’t want to hurt the resale value of the RV, when we actually do decide to sell it. Also for that reason, I decided to reupholster the existing dinette and jack knife sofas to accommodate the original number of passengers/sleepers which, for this RV, is 7.

My ultimate goal for Minnie is to redecorate/remodel within a relatively modest budget and do so tastefully in a manner that will make her more like our home but still not hurt her resale value.

Cost of this project so far: $0 to remove cornices and curtains. However, I did need to use a long Phillips head screwdriver and a good pair of fabric scissors.

Thanks for visiting today’s blog. Keep reading future posts to find out more about Minnie’s face lift.





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