Minnie’s Facelift–Removing the Border Wallpaper

Seriously. Border wallpaper wasn’t even in style in 2004, when Minnie was fresh off the factory lines. And it certainly isn’t any more stylish in 2016. I didn’t want to repaint the vinyl walls, but the border wallpaper HAD to go.

Here’s what the galley looked like before and just after I removed the wallpaper:

Removing the border wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I had visited other web sites that recommended Goof Off to take off the border glue. I didn’t even need that. I peeled off a corner of the border and the whole thing came off virtually in one piece. Underneath was a layer of double-sided sticky tape the size of the border. I peeled off the corner and held tightly. It tore into smaller pieces, but I was able to pull it all off cleanly without the aid of chemicals and without damaging the vinyl walls underneath. It all came off clean as a whistle.


I considered what might look nice on the newly cleaned vinyl walls and yet tie in the theme and color scheme I had selected. Luckily, I found some very expensive but worthwhile plastic sticky back tiles at Home Depot called “Smart Tiles.”


The tiles come 12 to a box and measure less than a foot a sheet, so be sure to get enough to cover the entire space. In this case, I figured correctly that I would need 2 boxes to cover the backsplash area near the stove and sink. I used a pair of scissors and a rotary cutter to slice up the tile and laid it from right to left.

This is the backsplash after I was done. Beats that yucky border wallpaper hands down!

The Smart Tiles so far have been the priciest part of my remodel. They are almost as expensive as real tiles, but much easier to mount (no grouting or need for a tile saw.) Best of all, they are lightweight, easy to cut, and ideal for an RV remodel. Keep in mind that Smart Tiles can only be mounted to a smooth under surface.

Cost of this part of the project:

2-12 packs of Smart Tiles ($94.00 each)…..               $198.00

You will also need a rotary cutter or box cutter, marking pen, straight edge, and good scissors.

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