Minnie’s Remodel- The Cab Privacy Curtain

I selected coordinating stripes for a curtain fabric. There were going to be a LOT of curtains. The first curtain I focused on was the privacy curtain between the cab and the living area. The previous curtain was simply a wide curtain which snapped at the top to the cab bed rail. All the curtains in the cab area were this horrid olive green striped material. Retch. Simply putrid.

When I took the shades and cornices down, I took all the cab curtains down, too. To sew new curtains, I would loosely use the previous curtains as guides.

The separation curtain was fairly simple to make. I had to sew the striped fabric together, since the curtains were wider than the standard fabric width of 56”. I cut lightweight drapery lining an 1-1/2” shorter on the width and height. I sewed the sides of the drapery lining to the wrong side of the curtain fabric, then flipped it right side out. Then I machine hemmed the top and hand hemmed the bottom.

The underside of the previous snaps were still screwed to the cab, so I marked where the old snaps on the old curtain corresponded on the new curtain. I had to adjust the final snap, since I actually cut my drapes too short on the width. I found the Dritz heavy duty snaps at JoAnn’s in the notions section.

The nice thing about the snaps is that they are in a kit. You poke a hole in the fabric with scissors and fit the cap through the hole with the upper part of the snap on the inside. Then you place the cap side in the small anvil and smack the metal probe with a hammer. That secures the snap in place.

I drilled an alternate hole for the misplaced snap and moved it over. Here is the finished curtain.

Here is the breakdown of this portion of the project:

2 Yards of Wedgewood Upholstery Fabric @ $18.00 yd                                    $ 36.00

Econo Sheen Ivory Drapery Lining @ 2.99 yd.                                                     $   5.98

Buff Serger Cones 4 @ 3.49                                                                                         $ 13.96

Large Metal Snap Kit                                                                                                      $  7.99

Dual Duty Café Thread                                                                                                   $  3.49

TOTAL THIS PROJECT                                                                                                   $ 67.42

Note: I had to buy an extra yard of fabric for this curtain, seaming it in the middle and cutting off the sides. I then recycled that remnant for the curtains I made for the living area. Note: I bought relatively high end fabric for this RV project, but if you kept your eye out for a great sale, you could potentially save yourself some serious dough!

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