A Homemade RV Roman Shade

20161203_121235Welcome back to Minnie’s remodel! In reality, I am almost finished with the remodel and have actually moved on to a condo we are rehabbing for my daughter. Then there’s the kitchen. I’m just a remodeling fool these days.

I thought I’d tell you a little about our custom Roman shade for Minnie.

The old door shade was a standard white vinyl rollup shade screwed to a long frame under a cornice above the door. I decided in the end to tear out the cornice, the particle board mounting frame, and the shade and replace this all with a homemade Roman shade.

I found an in-depth instructional video on how to make a custom Roman shade from www.sailrite.com. In addition, I was able to purchase the Roman shade kit parts used in this video on the same site. The rest of the shade supplies (brass rings, pull, eye screws) I found at JoAnn’s.

I won’t go into great detail on how I did this, since the instructional video is very thorough. I won’t even give you a cost break down on this project. I will say that I did use 1.5 yds of both my paisley fabric and the drapery lining.

If you decide to make such a shade, you will need to keep in mind the area of clearance you have ABOVE the door. In our case, we made a pine mount with a fabric-covered 2”x 2”, which we screwed into the wall, but you need to take care that the bottom dowel is low enough on the shade to offer adequate clearance between the bottom of the shade and the top of the door. My hubby is very tall, and has to duck down as it is to clear the door, and we didn’t want the bottom of the shade getting caught in the door itself.


Here are pics of the shade being assembled and mounted. I later attached another fancy command hook to the left of the shade to wrap the shade cord around so that it would clear the door when being opened and closed.

All in all, we were both happy with the new shade. Next, we will feature our quick fix for tall people sleeping in a short RV bed!

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