RV Mattress Extension

Even in the most expensive and longest of RVs, it seems that the queen/short is the most popular mattress featured. A standard queen is 60”x 80” long. A standard king is 80”x 80”. In contrast, most queen short mattresses measure only 74” long instead of 80”.

For short people, the lack of 6 extra inches is not a big deal. I myself am only 5’3”. But for my hubby, our queen short bed is simply not long enough. He is 6’1”, and his feet hang over the edge of the bed, even with his pillow shoved all the way to the head of the bed.

I found a simple solution to the mattress issue we were experiencing.

A mattress extender is a short, mattress-sized pillow which comes in two halves and is inserted at the head of the bed to make the mattress longer. This solution works, of course, provided you have enough space at the foot of the bed to stretch the bed out. In our case, we had a few inches to spare, although it was tight getting around the bed with the extenders inserted.

I had some 5” foam I had purchased for the dinette cushions, so I had hubby cut the size I needed to make two pillows. I made my own, having purchased some quilted mattress fabric and zippers. Essentially, each pillow rectangle should measure ½ the width of the mattress by 6” by the height of each mattress.

This is what the extenders look like inserted into the mattress. If you normally have a special queen short fitted sheet, you can stretch a standard queen sheet over the mattress and the extenders.

Now that I have made my own mattress extender, I have to admit something to you–I would NEVER do that again. It was not cost effective for me to make my own extenders for a queen mattress, when I could have just bought them from Camping World. These extenders even come with their own bag for out-of-the-way storage when not in use.


20161201_133857Having said that you should BUY rather than MAKE, if you have a KING short bed, you might have to resort to making your own. But purchasing a queen extender directly from Camping World is the most cost effective solution to altering a QUEEN short bed.

After we put the extenders in, my hubby was very pleased. His feet no longer hung over the edge of the bed, and he could sleep comfortably without having to scrunch himself up into a fetal position.

Ultimately, the use of mattress extenders has opened up a whole new class of RV floorplan designs for us to consider when we finally do upgrade from Minnie.

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