The Journey Begins…

Yep, we did it.

We upgraded our dear Winnebago Minnie to a 2006 Damon Tuscany Class A diesel pusher. The new vehicle was costly, but it was still a good buy and pretty darn near everything we needed in a motor home.


Isn’t she lovely?

Joe loves driving the new Class A. It takes him back to his days of driving truckloads of bees from Florida to North Dakota and back–but in a much nicer vehicle and under more favorable conditions. I love our new gypsy home. Riding in it I feel like queen of the universe. It is very roomy, and I have no problem seeing myself living in this thing full-time.

We took a lengthy cross-country maiden (for us) trip in December to Pensacola, Ft. Myers, and Jefferson Texas and back lasting 17 days total. By the time I got back to St. Peters, I felt like a stranger in my bed at home!

The beaches in Gulf Breeze Island, Florida were gorgeous. If you ever get the chance, take a trip out here and make a point to visit Ft. Pickens National Park. The campground was a tight fit with our 41 foot motor home, but it was well worth the squeezing into. Located on the other end of Gulf Breeze Island near Pensacola, this park has only one access road and miles and miles of breathtaking and unspoiled beaches.

Unfortunately, last December watching the sunset in Pensacola was a bit too chilly for us. As soon as the sun went down, we packed up our lawn chairs and ran back to the car. Still, I snapped a few photos with my camera phone. These are the inspiration for one of my next few art projects.

So what’s in store for our future travels? We’re hoping that the weather here will warm so that we can finish the interior and exterior home improvement and quickly put the house on the market. Then we’re off to our next adventure in the Tuscany–wherever that may lead.

Thanks for visiting,


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