Art Meets Vintage

IMG_20190420_142954633_HDRThere is a truly unique gallery in town, and I’m proud to say that I’m a part of it.

I’d like to tell you about Art Meets Vintage. Located above the Glass Array at 501 N. Kingshighway in Saint Charles, this shop opened just last October and is the brain-child of owner Gregory Dierlam. He is such a nice guy with a tremendous sense of style. I’m excited and flattered to be a contributing artist.

I would encourage any of you traveling or living in Saint Charles to check out his gallery, where you can find original, handmade and uniquely upcycled art of all kinds. If you are looking for statement pieces of furniture, sculpture, home décor, jewelry, and wearables, you can find it here. Each piece has a bold, modern, artsy edge and is a reflection of the unique style of each participating artist.

As you know, I’ve been looking for the right place to locally feature my unique artistic style–a venue which seems undaunted by my experimentation with all forms of media owned by creatives who are happy to market my art as a whole. At Art Meets Vintage, I feature kumihimo jewelry pieces and some of my high-end jewelry with original lampwork and ceramic beads, Kanzashi flowers, silk-under-glass platters, digital and silk prints and paintings, and upcycled furniture painted with original and silk designs.


I’ve included pictures of the featured art here, but I encourage you to check out Art Meets Vintage in Saint Charles in person, since the featured art changes often, and new artists are being added. You will be glad you visited–either to snatch up that “have to have” item or simply to glean a little creative inspiration.


If you stop by on a Saturday, you’re likely to run into Gregory. He’ll be happy to show you around and give you more info about his participating artists.

Thanks for visiting,



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