The Art at AMV

I told you all about a new gallery where I am featuring my art called Art Meets Vintage. This weekend the gallery’s owner, Gregory Dierlam, has put together a trunk show featuring one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces by AMV’s participating artists. I am privileged to be a part of that.

The trunk show is being held Saturday and Sunday, May 25th and 26th from 10AM to 3PM. Many of the artists were at the gallery this morning for the opening of the Trunk show, which is displayed out in the front center of the gallery. In addition, other artists were present and took the time to introduce themselves to me and talk about their art.

Video: AMV Intro on Trunk Show Day– Exterior of building (1:14)

Video 2: The Trunk show, Entry to AMV, and Meet Donna and Dave. See work from Catie Chilman, Donna Bernard, Carole Morales, and Me!

Video 3: Artist Michael LaRue

Video 4: The work of Scot von Nida, Ellen Mercante (I actually DID meet her earlier), Patrick Nolan, Mary Beth Gray, Bryan’s Metal Art.

VIDEO: 5 Liz Hefly’s Mirrored Arch Sculpture and Stained Glass. I apologize to Liz for laughing during the interview. At times, it annoyed even me, but at least we were having a good time!

VIDEO 6: Dave Rudis and his “New Use Designs.”

If I made a mistake or attributed work to the wrong artist, please comment below. I would have edited the videos and fact/name-checked, but I didn’t have the time. I wanted to make sure that we get plenty of last-minute attendees on Sunday and that everybody sells lots and lots of art.

Remember, Sunday May 26th from 10-3. Art Meets Vintage.

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The Lost Fanny Crosby Project

Although I often eventually complete projects, I have had a few projects that simply died and fell by the wayside. Perusing an old computer for some original instrumental music, I discovered an abandoned project of mine which involved setting old Fanny Crosby lyrics to new music.

I lost count, but I think I may have had about 6 or 7 songs written and recorded for the project. This is one of a few abandoned projects I have left along the way. For instance, I had a grand idea to turn one of my books, 1-900-OLD-LADYs into a stage play and a short story of mine entitled, “Flash Robbery” into a short film. I was going to illustrate a children’s book written by my sister-in-law. Lots of things I did eventually accomplish and finish, but fewer things never really got off the ground for one reason or another. That’s not to say I won’t eventually pick these things up again. I have been known to revive projects after 20 years have passed.


I thought I’d feature a few of the songs I have dug out of the archives to share. I probably won’t publish them, but I am simply providing them for your listening pleasure.

Tell Me The Story of Jesus

Praise Him

Lyrics by Fanny Crosby, Music by me.

Enjoy. And thanks again for visiting,