Butterfly and Moon


I have an official place to sell my wearables!

Brenda Fraser from Butterfly and Moon has offered to feature them in her shop. She is also going to feature some of these items in her future Fashion for Education show she has scheduled for June 23rd being held at Sugar Cubed starting at 2PM. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

I brought my scarves to Brenda, and she picked out a slew of them. She has such a knack for fashion and a tremendous sense of style. She intuitively and artfully set up some scarves for display, and I quickly snatched photos with my cell.


Now I cross my fingers. It seems Brenda’s shop is the perfect venue for my wearables. Let’s see if she can help me sell them. She has such a cheery disposition and sales talent, I’m sure she’ll have them flying off the shelves.

Butterfly and Moon is a unique boutique located at 814 S. Main Street; Saint Charles. If you’re looking for beautiful clothing and accessories, stop by. You might catch Brenda if you stop by on a weekday. Tell her what you like and she’ll show you something you know you want. Ask her to tell you the story about how she went into business and where she came up with the name. Priceless.

There are several different contributing artists, each with their own artistic sense of style.

Brenda (bless her heart) posed for a picture with me. I know I look like hell, because I didn’t expect to pose for anything today. She just threw one of my poppies scarves on me and instructed me to “Accessorize!”


If you’re in the neighborhood on Main Street, Saint Charles, stop by Butterfly and Moon. Check out my wearables as well as other items by the various participating artists. Lots of great stuff for ladies with panache!

Thanks for visiting,



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