Reviving Frenchtown’s Dragon

During this past year, as we’ve settled into our new home, we have had almost 200 visitors stop by (for the Historic House Tour in June). We participated in various activities such as Mardis Gras and Saint Jean Baptiste Day–events we can only consider unique to our Frenchtown experience.

Last week, I had the privilege of riding in the HFA parade float. I didn’t do much, but others did, both this year and last. As a group, we revived the Frenchtown dragon–a float made by several talented and hard-working individuals for last year’s parade. We dusted her off, Chris Ford re-fringed her, and several fit and energetic individuals brought her back to life at the parade. (As you see, I believe our dragon is a she, so I will address her as a female from now on…)

For the parade, I had a choice seat in Larry’s truck. Not only was I able to look back at our dragon which, at times, seemed to float up the street, but I had a great view of the mesmerized onlookers. The children could not contain their excitement, which I found to be quite contagious. I have no doubt that our float was the most memorable of the parade.

Joe was determined to “train” the dragon walkers, which I thought was cute. He acted with such authority. You might have thought he had actually walked a dragon before, but no. He seemed a bit disappointed that he did not get to ultimately stand in for an overheated walker (thank God for personal fans and young people,) but he naturally took charge when trying to get the walkers comfortable in their new skin.

Here are the training videos of the 2019 Frenchtown dragon. I thought I’d share them here since I’m not able to do so on our main HFA web site due to size restrictions. If we feature more videos, we might have to upgrade, but for now, they should be ok here. (They do not actually get moving until video #3.)



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