Does Anybody Read This Blog?

I’m faced with a crucial decision. What do I do about this blog page?

I’ve had this WordPress blog page (and another before it) for over 8 years. After watching the traffic which seldom comes to my page, I realize that I’m not really reaching many people. It could be that my art and subject matter do not interest readers, but I’m coming to the conclusion (by watching our current political situation) that people just don’t like to read. They would rather see a video and watch others demonstrate their creative processes or click on a picture to buy items online.

I get that. I’m the same way. I’m not a reader, either. I’m a visual/tactile learner. So I’ve decided to abandon the practice of making blog entries and feature vlog videos on my YouTube channel.

My reason for starting a YouTube channel? Well, I doubt that I would ever have a half a million views or even 1000 subscribers to make any profit from such a channel. Sure, I’d love to sell art online and be successful at it (a Tarot card reader said I’d be successful online.) But my real intention is to upload all my art techniques and closely held secrets to the collective consciousness so that others who might be interested in either my art or processes might be willing to carry the torch for the next generations. I will not have decendents to pass on my knowledge, so I must share with others.

This blog page will slowly become a more static page. will direct you to my soon-to-be-featured online site of products which I have made or designed. I will also feature links to my new YouTube videos, if you’re interested in learning silk techniques and meet some of my fellow silk artists and other fellow artists here in Saint Charles.

So for now, I would direct you to my YouTube channel at Lois Prettyman’s YouTube Channel.

Feel free to “like” and subscribe.

I’ll see you on the other side. And thanks–as always–for visiting!



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