Does Anybody Read This Blog?

I’m faced with a crucial decision. What do I do about this blog page?

I’ve had this WordPress blog page (and another before it) for over 8 years. After watching the traffic which seldom comes to my page, I realize that I’m not really reaching many people. It could be that my art and subject matter do not interest readers, but I’m coming to the conclusion (by watching our current political situation) that people just don’t like to read. They would rather see a video and watch others demonstrate their creative processes or click on a picture to buy items online.

I get that. I’m the same way. I’m not a reader, either. I’m a visual/tactile learner. So I’ve decided to abandon the practice of making blog entries and feature vlog videos on my YouTube channel.

My reason for starting a YouTube channel? Well, I doubt that I would ever have a half a million views or even 1000 subscribers to make any profit from such a channel. Sure, I’d love to sell art online and be successful at it (a Tarot card reader said I’d be successful online.) But my real intention is to upload all my art techniques and closely held secrets to the collective consciousness so that others who might be interested in either my art or processes might be willing to carry the torch for the next generations. I will not have decendents to pass on my knowledge, so I must share with others.

This blog page will slowly become a more static page. will direct you to my soon-to-be-featured online site of products which I have made or designed. I will also feature links to my new YouTube videos, if you’re interested in learning silk techniques and meet some of my fellow silk artists and other fellow artists here in Saint Charles.

So for now, I would direct you to my YouTube channel at Lois Prettyman’s YouTube Channel.

Feel free to “like” and subscribe.

I’ll see you on the other side. And thanks–as always–for visiting!



Reviving Frenchtown’s Dragon

During this past year, as we’ve settled into our new home, we have had almost 200 visitors stop by (for the Historic House Tour in June). We participated in various activities such as Mardis Gras and Saint Jean Baptiste Day–events we can only consider unique to our Frenchtown experience.

Last week, I had the privilege of riding in the HFA parade float. I didn’t do much, but others did, both this year and last. As a group, we revived the Frenchtown dragon–a float made by several talented and hard-working individuals for last year’s parade. We dusted her off, Chris Ford re-fringed her, and several fit and energetic individuals brought her back to life at the parade. (As you see, I believe our dragon is a she, so I will address her as a female from now on…)

For the parade, I had a choice seat in Larry’s truck. Not only was I able to look back at our dragon which, at times, seemed to float up the street, but I had a great view of the mesmerized onlookers. The children could not contain their excitement, which I found to be quite contagious. I have no doubt that our float was the most memorable of the parade.

Joe was determined to “train” the dragon walkers, which I thought was cute. He acted with such authority. You might have thought he had actually walked a dragon before, but no. He seemed a bit disappointed that he did not get to ultimately stand in for an overheated walker (thank God for personal fans and young people,) but he naturally took charge when trying to get the walkers comfortable in their new skin.

Here are the training videos of the 2019 Frenchtown dragon. I thought I’d share them here since I’m not able to do so on our main HFA web site due to size restrictions. If we feature more videos, we might have to upgrade, but for now, they should be ok here. (They do not actually get moving until video #3.)



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Fashion for Education


If you’re one of my six followers and would like to have something fun to do this Sunday, I invite you to a fashion show!

Butterfly and Moon is sponsoring a Luncheon/Fashion Show called Fashion for Education. My new friend and owner of Butterfly and Moon, Brenda Fraser, is raising funds for women’s scholarships. The program she named “Dream Uplifters” has a mission to empower and inspire women by providing scholarships for women who are returning to college.


Brenda is holding this event to raise scholarship money for Regina Ayertey from Krobo, Ghana to pursue her dream of studying business/finance in the United States. Regina is a lovely young woman (I look forward to meeting) who established a friendship with Brenda while working as a jewelry designer in Ghana. (If you have time, ask Brenda to tell you the story of how they met. It will touch your heart.)

So yes! About the fashion show!


There will be door prizes, a silent auction, live music, inspirational and informational speakers, food, and–oh yes– a fashion show!  I have donated an original silk scarf to be auctioned and many of the models for the show will be sporting my scarves currently being featured along with fashion from other artists at Butterfly and Moon.

Tickets are available on Eventbrite by clicking this link $$$TICKETS$$$ and are $49 each. It is a wonderful way to spend a girls’ afternoon out, so bring a friend.


If you’re not able to attend but still wish to support Regina’s efforts and other Dream Uplifters scholars, you can help sponsor one of the 10 models/musicians/speakers donating their time to this event by clicking the Tickets link above, clicking the Tickets button, and specifying any amount to donate.

Believe it or not, I have honestly never been to a fashion show. What a great opportunity to have fun and support a noble cause. I’m really excited to be able to attend. I hope to see you there.

Fashion for Education

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Time: 2-5pm

The Zeppelin Room upstairs at SUGARCUBED

917 S. Main Street

Saint Charles, MO 63301


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Butterfly and Moon


I have an official place to sell my wearables!

Brenda Fraser from Butterfly and Moon has offered to feature them in her shop. She is also going to feature some of these items in her future Fashion for Education show she has scheduled for June 23rd being held at Sugar Cubed starting at 2PM. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

I brought my scarves to Brenda, and she picked out a slew of them. She has such a knack for fashion and a tremendous sense of style. She intuitively and artfully set up some scarves for display, and I quickly snatched photos with my cell.


Now I cross my fingers. It seems Brenda’s shop is the perfect venue for my wearables. Let’s see if she can help me sell them. She has such a cheery disposition and sales talent, I’m sure she’ll have them flying off the shelves.

Butterfly and Moon is a unique boutique located at 814 S. Main Street; Saint Charles. If you’re looking for beautiful clothing and accessories, stop by. You might catch Brenda if you stop by on a weekday. Tell her what you like and she’ll show you something you know you want. Ask her to tell you the story about how she went into business and where she came up with the name. Priceless.

There are several different contributing artists, each with their own artistic sense of style.

Brenda (bless her heart) posed for a picture with me. I know I look like hell, because I didn’t expect to pose for anything today. She just threw one of my poppies scarves on me and instructed me to “Accessorize!”


If you’re in the neighborhood on Main Street, Saint Charles, stop by Butterfly and Moon. Check out my wearables as well as other items by the various participating artists. Lots of great stuff for ladies with panache!

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The Frenchtown Quilt–Completed!

As you know, the Frenchtown quilt was pushed along by me because we had an upcoming house tour to benefit the Historic Frenchtown Association. For the tour brochure, I featured my watercolor illustrations of 13 houses/buildings on the tour. In addition to painting one house as a backup, I added a couple more buildings such as the Franklin School and the Eberling Tin Shop to the final quilt.

Putting the final quilt together in Adobe Illustrator was not difficult. I decided that, since bolts of cotton came from Spoonflower in 42″ bolts, I should make an 84″x 84″ quilt–just the size for the top of a king-sized bed. I sewed two stretches of fabric together, front and back and believed the worst of it was done. Right? Wrong!

I discovered that the time consuming part, as any experienced quilter might tell you, was the actual quilting. I did not have a long arm, just YouTube and a good old sewing machine. My deadline was June 2– the weekend of the house tour, so that gave me something to work toward.


The funny thing about this quilt was that it is my first quilt. I was struck by this quilt idea almost immediately after moving into our home last September. I had never sewn a quilt before, yet as I did it, it felt as though I had done it before. Whether I was channeling my mother, who I’m sure might have quilted in her lifetime, or some other previous resident of 1001 N. 3rd Street, I cannot say. But it was a very strange feeling indeed–to feel I had done something I had clearly never actually done before. Weird.

Suffice it to say, I finished the quilt! Prior to the tour, I hung it outside our French Colonial home, hoping any curious passers-by might stop and read the sign below promoting the house tour. During the house tour, I displayed it on our king-sized bed.

After the tour, I placed it with my watercolor exhibit currently running at the Frenchtown Heritage Museum and Research Center at 1121 N. 2nd Street. So I attached it with clothespins to the top of an art panel. It’s not a fancy quilt rack, but it’ll do in a pinch. Thanks, Marsha Adams for helping me to get it up there!

If you’re in Frenchtown, please stop by the museum. Every print and note card sold benefits the museum. There’s lots of cool other stuff to see there, too. Photos of old homes, an old fire truck, a caboose you can tour, an entire Frenchtown diorama of turn-of-the-century Frenchtown made by Jerry Boshears. So don’t stop at the quilt. There’s plenty of Frenchtown history for everyone!

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The Art at AMV

I told you all about a new gallery where I am featuring my art called Art Meets Vintage. This weekend the gallery’s owner, Gregory Dierlam, has put together a trunk show featuring one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces by AMV’s participating artists. I am privileged to be a part of that.

The trunk show is being held Saturday and Sunday, May 25th and 26th from 10AM to 3PM. Many of the artists were at the gallery this morning for the opening of the Trunk show, which is displayed out in the front center of the gallery. In addition, other artists were present and took the time to introduce themselves to me and talk about their art.

Video: AMV Intro on Trunk Show Day– Exterior of building (1:14)

Video 2: The Trunk show, Entry to AMV, and Meet Donna and Dave. See work from Catie Chilman, Donna Bernard, Carole Morales, and Me!

Video 3: Artist Michael LaRue

Video 4: The work of Scot von Nida, Ellen Mercante (I actually DID meet her earlier), Patrick Nolan, Mary Beth Gray, Bryan’s Metal Art.

VIDEO: 5 Liz Hefly’s Mirrored Arch Sculpture and Stained Glass. I apologize to Liz for laughing during the interview. At times, it annoyed even me, but at least we were having a good time!

VIDEO 6: Dave Rudis and his “New Use Designs.”

If I made a mistake or attributed work to the wrong artist, please comment below. I would have edited the videos and fact/name-checked, but I didn’t have the time. I wanted to make sure that we get plenty of last-minute attendees on Sunday and that everybody sells lots and lots of art.

Remember, Sunday May 26th from 10-3. Art Meets Vintage.

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The Lost Fanny Crosby Project

Although I often eventually complete projects, I have had a few projects that simply died and fell by the wayside. Perusing an old computer for some original instrumental music, I discovered an abandoned project of mine which involved setting old Fanny Crosby lyrics to new music.

I lost count, but I think I may have had about 6 or 7 songs written and recorded for the project. This is one of a few abandoned projects I have left along the way. For instance, I had a grand idea to turn one of my books, 1-900-OLD-LADYs into a stage play and a short story of mine entitled, “Flash Robbery” into a short film. I was going to illustrate a children’s book written by my sister-in-law. Lots of things I did eventually accomplish and finish, but fewer things never really got off the ground for one reason or another. That’s not to say I won’t eventually pick these things up again. I have been known to revive projects after 20 years have passed.


I thought I’d feature a few of the songs I have dug out of the archives to share. I probably won’t publish them, but I am simply providing them for your listening pleasure.

Tell Me The Story of Jesus

Praise Him

Lyrics by Fanny Crosby, Music by me.

Enjoy. And thanks again for visiting,



Art Meets Vintage

IMG_20190420_142954633_HDRThere is a truly unique gallery in town, and I’m proud to say that I’m a part of it.

I’d like to tell you about Art Meets Vintage. Located above the Glass Array at 501 N. Kingshighway in Saint Charles, this shop opened just last October and is the brain-child of owner Gregory Dierlam. He is such a nice guy with a tremendous sense of style. I’m excited and flattered to be a contributing artist.

I would encourage any of you traveling or living in Saint Charles to check out his gallery, where you can find original, handmade and uniquely upcycled art of all kinds. If you are looking for statement pieces of furniture, sculpture, home décor, jewelry, and wearables, you can find it here. Each piece has a bold, modern, artsy edge and is a reflection of the unique style of each participating artist.

As you know, I’ve been looking for the right place to locally feature my unique artistic style–a venue which seems undaunted by my experimentation with all forms of media owned by creatives who are happy to market my art as a whole. At Art Meets Vintage, I feature kumihimo jewelry pieces and some of my high-end jewelry with original lampwork and ceramic beads, Kanzashi flowers, silk-under-glass platters, digital and silk prints and paintings, and upcycled furniture painted with original and silk designs.


I’ve included pictures of the featured art here, but I encourage you to check out Art Meets Vintage in Saint Charles in person, since the featured art changes often, and new artists are being added. You will be glad you visited–either to snatch up that “have to have” item or simply to glean a little creative inspiration.


If you stop by on a Saturday, you’re likely to run into Gregory. He’ll be happy to show you around and give you more info about his participating artists.

Thanks for visiting,



Historic Frenchtown House Tours


I have been slowly working on my Frenchtown quilt project.

I mentioned in an earlier blog about the fact that we have volunteered our home as one of the 13 homes featured on the Historic Frenchtown House Tour. As a member of the Historic Frenchtown Association, I am also putting together a brochure and map of the homes and businesses participating in this event.

That motivated me to push the quilt project ahead. As a result, I’ve been busily painting watercolors/gouache illustrations of those homes specifically to be included in the brochure (and later incorporated into my quilt.)

Joe and I are ecstatic to be able to feature our new, old home in the tour. I am especially tickled that I can feature my illustrations in the brochure and perhaps generate a sizeable amount of interest in the tour, which I anticipate will be the biggest fundraising event for our community organization.

There really are a variety of homes from all eras participating in this tour with a rich history to share for each. The Sacred Heart Academy alone has a 200 year history and wealth of information regarding its founder, Saint Rose Phillipine Duschene. The academy tour will include the expansive convent/school complex and the shrine, where Mother Duschene is interred.

Docents will be at each location to greet you and answer your questions. A map will be included in the brochure to give the most efficient route to see each home.

The tour is being held Sunday, June 2, 2019 from 12 P.M. to 4 P.M. Tickets are $18 for tourgoers (ages 13 and over) or $20 the day of the tour.

You can purchase tickets online by clicking this link: $$TICKETS$$

If you need a hard copy ticket or don’t wish to buy online, no worries. Tickets are available at two locations in Saint Charles:

Grass Valley Roots; 903 N. Second Street; Saint Charles, MO


Butterfly and Moon; 814 S. Main Street; Saint Charles, MO

I can’t wait! Hope you can come!

Thanks for visiting,